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Delivery Options

We offer delivery options to most of the New England states (We have limited options to Vermont & Northern Maine and do not offer service to any islands.) If you are outside New England and like our prices feel free to request a freight quote. Although freight will be higher you may find combined with our low prices that we are still your best option.
Our deliver service is set up for efficiency to save money and thus keep our prices low. We have some simple zones and common-sense guidelines.
Green Zone
We cover this area 100% with our own trucks and delivery is $99 for any size order. This is inside delivery.
Blue Zone
This is the part of New England we cover with our truck and independent delivery companies. The cost for inside delivery is $199. (minimum $1000 order)
Yellow Zone
This is an area we may delivery in, but all deliveries in this area would be quoted.
How Delivery Works
Green Zone
We do these deliveries typically on Thursdays & Saturdays. You will be notified when your furniture arrives in New Hampshire and you can set up delivery then. We will let you know the next day we will be in your area and you can chose that date or wait till we are in your area again. A day before your delivery we will call and confirm a 3 hour window. Regrettably we cannot take requests for certain times. With delivery being on our truck we do collect all required state sales tax for your state.
Blue Zone
The orders in this zone can often be delivered by our truck or an independent service. The price for delivery would be the same ($199). You would be notified 2-3 days before the proposed delivery date and given a date and 3 hour window. Regrettably we cannot take requests for certain times. If you canít accommodate the proposed delivery time we ask if possibly a neighbor or friend can be at your house to meet the driver. If not, we can certainly schedule you for the next truck but that may delay your delivery 4-6 weeks till the next truck is in the area. Deliveries on our truck necessitate sales tax collection while no sales tax is collected when using an independent delivery service.
Yellow Zone
The orders in this zone would be all quoted for price and done by an independent delivery service.
Pick-up in Barrington, NH
For maximum flexibility and no sales tax collection anyone can always pick up their order at our Barrington, NH facility during normal business hours. We sell moving pads and can help you wrap your furniture so it gets home safely.
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